About Us

Our Message

Commitment to the highest standards of professional behavior through our qualified administrative and technical cadres, and to deal transparently with our clients and provide accurate investment and real estate information to them.

Our values and principles:

Excellence in carrying out our responsibilities towards our customers, and always providing the best investment and real estate opportunities in the Turkish market to our clients

GH Group

GH GROUP Real Estate Consulting is a real estate consulting and marketing company based in Istanbul – Turkey, with our awareness and experience in the Turkish real estate market, and our deep knowledge of the orientations and desires of the Arab investor, we started our advice since 2015 to provide the finest projects and distinguished real estate services, through our continuous search for the best investment opportunities and real estate to suit all residential and commercial needs, which are in line with all allocated budgets.

We at GH-GROUP innovate in thinking, to put in the hands of our customers the opportunities and real estate offers appropriate to their needs, and provide our customers with all real estate services, from the moment they contact us until they receive the title deed, in addition to all the services that they may need after that, through doing all the Necessary work to manage real estate effectively.

Our goals:

Our experienced and capable team is there to provide assistance in all the necessary procedures to obtain the best property in the easiest way. In the end, our goal is to provide a high-quality service that satisfies our customers and delivers them to their desired goals.

When you deal with our team in your new start in Turkey, you will get useful advice and adequate answers to all your inquiries, which will give you a sense of professionalism at work and save you a lot of effort.

We work in GH-GROUP to secure the best investment opportunities in the real estate field with high profitability, to crystallize these opportunities, evaluate them and carry out the necessary specialized studies, to ensure the highest returns at the lowest costs.