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Turkish citizenship by employing 50 Turkish people

Turkish citizenship by employing 50 Turkish peopleWith the aim of reducing unemployment, this will be confirmed by the Ministry of Family and Labor. Paperwork A copy of the investor’s residence. Proof of employment of employees and the payment of their due insurances in the rules. Investment conformity certificate from the competent directorate. Marriage certificate translated […]

Turkish citizenship by origin

By proving Turkish assets by legal means: Children born to a Turkish father or a Turkish mother through marriage, whether in Turkey or abroad, are Turkish citizens. Children born to a Turkish father and a foreign mother, in the event that the foundations documenting the kinship relationship are proven, are Turkish citizens. Children born to […]

Turkish citizenship through work residency

Under the following conditions: The person concerned must be residing with the aim of working in Turkey legally and without interruption for a period of five years until the date of submitting the application. To obtain a source of income through which he can cover his expenses and those who depend on them. Not to […]

Turkish citizenship via bank deposit

By depositing an amount of 500 thousand US dollars with a pledge not to withdraw the amount before 3 years from the date of deposit. Paperwork Proof of depositing the amount of 500 thousand US dollars in a Turkish bank. Marriage document translated into Turkish and duly certified. Birth certificate for all applicants for citizenship […]

?? Did you get the Turkish passport or yet

Contact us and let us help you obtain Turkish citizenship Advantages of the Turkish passport: It grants its holder full citizenship rights from election and nomination. A long-term passport that does not need to be renewed except once every 10 years. You are not obligated to give up your original nationality, as dual nationality is […]

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment of $ 400,000

كيفية الحصول على الجنسية التركية عبر الاستثمار