Where is Beykoz located?

One of the largest municipalities in Istanbul, which is famous for its wide green spaces and distinctive sea views.

Beykoz area occupies the northwestern part of the Asian side of Istanbul, surrounded by water on two sides. In the northern part of it overlooks the pure waters of the Black Sea, while its western end overlooks the famous Bosphorus Strait. It is bordered to the east by the Sile district, to the south-east by the Shekmeköy district, and to the south by the ancient districts of Umraniye and Uskudar.

The location of Beykoz is strategic and distinctive on all levels, as it is one of the few areas that have an amazing view of the Bosphorus and the Black Sea at the same time. In addition to its proximity to the vital areas in the Asian part of Istanbul, which means a quiet area, but close to the center.

The most prominent features of the Beykoz area

In fact, what makes the Beykoz district distinct from the rest of Istanbul is that it is more like a village

Quiet country, full of picturesque landscapes, yet located in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

Where the Beykoz area includes many forests, rivers, and hills, in addition to its charming beaches.

Due to its strategic location, the Beykoz region has been a destination for living since ancient times, as the Greeks had

They inhabited it in 700 BC, which means that it is an ancient historical area full of ancient monuments, which is worth a visit.

The region was known for a long time in the manufacture of glass and the art of decoration on it, and its coastal location may have been helpful

On the supply of such industries to other regions, which lends commercial importance to the Beykoz region.

Integrated services and various facilities spread in the Beykoz area to meet the needs of citizens, through

A network of strong infrastructure represented by the Beykoz State Hospital, which provides health care services in all its forms. In addition to the government’s recreational and social facilities, such as sports clubs, parks, swimming pools, and others.

Public transport bus lines connect Beykoz with vital areas such as Waskudar and Kadikoy

tourism, making it easy and accessible to move around.

The most important landmarks in the BeyKoz area

Beykoz Mosque is the most prominent historical monument in the region and was built during the time of the Ottoman Caliphate.

And through its unique design and wooden decorations, it highlights the distinctive Ottoman artistic touch.

The Beykoz area also contains the second largest hill in Istanbul, the hill where the Prophet Joshua bin Nun is believed to have been buried. Therefore, it bears great religious symbolism and is intended for many tourists interested in religious antiquities.

As for the natural landmarks, the area is rich in many things, but the most important of them is the nature reserve in Beykoz, which provides multiple services and has many cafes, restaurants, and spaces for sports activities. Orhan Kanlik Park, which is the most important recreational center in the Beykoz region