Avcılar was established as an independent municipality on June 3, 1992 under Law No. 3806.

Avcılar was established as an independent municipality on June 3, 1992 under Law No. 3806.

The word Avcılar means in Turkish: fishermen, and its lineage goes back to the fishermen who used to live in this region to protect villages and farms, and perhaps this name refers to the work of the region’s residents in practicing sea fishing, by virtue of its distinctive coastal location on the shore of Küçükçekmece Lake and the Sea of Marmara.

Avcilar’s natural site constitutes a bridge and a main entrance to the city center of Istanbul from its western side, which made it a strategic place and an important defense point throughout the history of the city, so the name of the region has always been associated with the attacks on the city from the west, as the Ottoman forces were keen to supplement Küçükçekmece region with soldiers to defend themselves from the capital of the Ottoman Caliphate. volume_upcontent_copysharestar_border

Then the region gained additional importance for its location on the Istanbul-Europe road, and some of the remaining traces of Ottoman architecture there, including the Sultan’s Hunting Lodge, bear witness to the historical importance of the region.

The passage of the new water canal project in Istanbul from Kucukcekmece Lake, adjacent to Avcilar, will undoubtedly give the region an added value to its properties close to the promising future canal. volume_upcontent_copysharestar_border

Where is the Avcilar area located in Istanbul?

Avcilar municipality is located in the western part of the European part of Istanbul, and it is bordered by:

  • To the east: Lake Kucukcekmece region and its municipality.
  • On the north: the municipality of Basaksehir.
  • To the west: Beylikduzu municipality and Esenyurt municipality.
  • And to the south: Avcilar municipality overlooks the Sea of Marmara.

But the inhabited part of it is the southern and western parts, and its northern part consists of vast and open agricultural lands on the shores of Lake Kucukcekmece.

How far is Avcilar district from the center of Istanbul?

The two highways (E-5) and its extension (D-100) pass through the boundaries of Avcilar, providing a strong connection to the city center and other surrounding areas.

Avcilar area is about 26 km from Istanbul city center in Taksim Square.

Avcilar is connected to the city center with many important public transport facilities, including the fast metrobus lines, which shorten time and distances at peak times.

Advantages of living in Avcilar, Istanbul

One of the most important advantages of staying and living in Avcilar Istanbul

  • Avcilar is located near many vital areas, the most important of which is the modern municipality of Beylikduzu.
  • Its distinctive sea views over the Marmara Sea and Kucukcekmece Lake.
  • Its transportation network served, the most important of which is the high-speed metrobus lines, which connect the region with the other most important areas of the city at its European and Asian sides.
  • The many facilities of the vital region, and ample municipal services.
  • The presence of many important shopping centers in or near them, in addition to many important commercial markets.
  • The presence of many important shopping centers in or near them, in addition to many important commercial markets.

Tourist places in Avcilar area

Avcilar is crowded with vital facilities, and is decorated with many interesting tourist places, especially along its pleasant coastline.

Among the most important tourist places in the Avcilar region: its Snow Museum (or the Land of Snow / or Snow Park and Avcılar Sahil Parkı).

In the center of Avcilar there are many restaurants and cinemas, and it is distinguished by its active nightlife, crowded shopping areas, with its rich American-style fast food restaurants and Turkish restaurants, and its streets rich with small shops and cafes.

1. Avcilar Beach, Istanbul

Next to Avcilar Beach, Istanbul, a variety of recreational and service facilities, restaurants and luxury cafes are crowded.

On the coast of Avcilar Istanbul, its paths for walking and cycling, and with its beautiful picturesque views, a beautiful social atmosphere is created that attracts tourists and residents to it, in addition to the presence of places for children to play, including Avcılar Sahil Parkı Park and the Martyr Mustafa Burko Şht Park. Ensign Mustafa Burcu Park. volume_upcontent_copysharestar_border

2. Marmara Market Avcilar – Avcilar Marmara Street

The Marmara Commercial Market in Avcilar is vibrant with life, because of its richness and diversity, as it offers a distinctive opportunity to shop from its modern or traditional stores, and with its restaurants that offer various eastern and western meals, and the most delicious Turkish dishes and sweets.

The Marmara Market is one of the most active markets in the Avcilar region, and from its varied and rich shops it is possible to meet the daily needs, and spend fun times for shopping lovers.

3. The Snow Museum in Istanbul

The Snow Museum is located in Torium Mall, adjacent to Avcilar, on the outskirts of Esenyurt.

Tourists and hikers go to the land of snow or the Snow Park to enjoy its cold weather in the summer atmosphere, to play snow and ice games, which are suitable for young and old alike, and it is a place rich in recreational activities suitable for family members, where enjoyable times can be spent without any feeling of boredom.

4. Pelican Mall – Avcilar Istanbul

PELICAN MALL is located on the E5 highway, within walking distance from Avcilar State Hospital.

It is a large commercial complex, containing various types of goods, and there are many sections for household, food, electrical and electronic goods, in addition to restaurants, cafes and gift shops, as it contains many important international brands.

Pelican Mall includes: 9 cinemas, and many recreational facilities, such as: an ice rink and a bowling alley, and many luxurious restaurants and famous cafes.

Advantages of investing in Avcilar Istanbul

Avcilar Istanbul is mainly characterized by its congestion and its location close to vital areas, as well as moderate real estate prices, due to the nature of the region and its privacy.

There is no doubt that the considered investment is within the new real estate that corresponds to the specific construction conditions for this area. It could provide a suitable investment environment. volume_upcontent_copysharestar_border

Many investors are investing in Avcilar Istanbul commercial real estate, and another group is investing in apartments suitable for student housing, due to the presence of many universities and important education centers in the region.

Also, investing in the areas overlooking the corridor of the new Istanbul Water Canal project will definitely provide a good investment opportunity upon completion of the project.

Advantages of buying an apartment in Avcilar

Among the most important features of buying an apartment in Avcilar Istanbul:

  • Supervision of the marine area, and its beautiful seascapes.
  • Its proximity to the passage of the new water canal and Lake Kucukcekmece.
  • The E5 highway passes through it, linking it to the city center and other vital areas.
  • Rapid transportation network (metrobus line) provides a strong connection to Avcilar and other areas of the city.
  • Integrated vital area and municipality services, and provides many facilities and diverse markets.