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Residence in Turkey for citizens of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2022

Residence in Turkey is available for citizens of the kingdom of Saudi ArabiaThe Turkish constitution allows the granting of legal residence within the country to foreign citizens, and the Turkish law on foreigners residing within Turkey clarifies the different cases and types of residence that are granted to foreigners, and the law also details the […]

Properties that foreigners want to own in Istanbul

First, let’s talk about the most important advantages of buying a property in Istanbul: The quality of Istanbul real estate and its competition to international real estate, especially Dubai real estate, London real estate and New York real estate in terms of the durability of construction, luxury design and the provision of social, recreational and […]

Which property is better to own in the city centers or in the suburbs

As soon as the idea of buying a property arises, a set of questions begins and almost does not does not buy a property every day, and the main goals are foreigners owning Turkish real estate in housing or real estate investment in Turkey or obtaining Turkish citizenship.The location of the property is the […]

Second-hand homes market report By 147% rise in Istanbul house prices during thefirst quarter of 2022

Under the title” second-hand homes market report”, the second-hand homes sales report in Turkey, for the first quarter of the current year 2022, was released.Sales of used homes in Turkey for the first quarter of 2022 increased by about 24%The second-hand homes market report is prepared periodically in cooperation between the Association of real estate […]

The three most beautiful tourist areas we recommend to visit in Turkey

In conjunction with the arrival of summer, most of us start looking for favorite tourist destinations in the summer to enjoy the warm sun and stunning views across Turkey, we have selected for you three of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Turkey that we recommend to visit in the summer. Bursa:The city of Bursa […]

Turkey prepares to launch national digital lira

The Turkish newspaper “Sabah” quoted the Central Bank of turkey ready in cooperation with several technological institutions in the country to launch the trial version of the project to develop the national digital currency. According to the newspaper, the bank began last year to cooperate with the companies “hualsan, Aselsan” and the Informatics and Information […]

Urban Development Areas in Istanbul and their relationship to the Tabu real estate tax

For more than a decade, the Turkish government through local municipalities, especially in Istanbul, has been seeking reconstruction and Urban Development in several areas that have witnessed and are still witnessing today the total removal of old buildings and replacing them with modern buildings, roads, bridges and tunnels in the total re-configuration and restructuring of […]

The Turkish government financially supports real estate agencies with the aim of promoting real estate to foreigners

The Turkish government has said it will provide millions of lira (financial support) to the country’s real estate agencies and companies that promote the sale of real estate to foreigners, according to a decree issued by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Media reports revealed that the fee, published in the official gazette earlier on Wednesday, […]

Learn about some Turkish and Arab customs in the holy month of Ramadan

The blessed month of Ramadan has come upon us this year after two years of closure and ban that affected Turkey and the world due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, the month of Ramadan is a month that gathers Muslims in all parts of the world on an important ritual of Islam, which […]

A new tax cut targeting the Turkish real estate sector

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced a package of value-added tax cuts in the country that included several economic sectors, and this came during a press conference held by the Turkish President after the weekly government meeting at the Presidential Complex in the Turkish capital, Ankara. The real estate sector was one of the sectors […]

New decisions related to the value added tax of Turkish real estate

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced amendments to the value-added tax on Turkish real estate, in addition to reducing it for other sectors in the country. This came in statements made by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after the meeting of the Turkish governmentOn Monday, March 28th, regarding Turkish real estate, Erdogan indicated that a […]

Can an investor grant Turkish citizenship to more than one wife?

Turkish citizenship is granted to three main categories: 1- Real estate investor:The real estate investor has the right to apply for Turkish citizenship if he purchases a property with a value of at least 250 thousand dollars, provided that it is not sold for a period of 3 years. 2- Investor Banking:This is done by […]

With an investment of up to $100 million, preparing to open the first American Amazon logistics base in Turkey

The American company Amazon said that it is working to open its first logistics base in the Turkish city of Istanbul, in the fall of this year 2022.This came according to a statement issued by the company yesterday, Wednesday, March 23Where it announced its intention to launch a logistic base in TurkeyWith an investment of […]

The most important advantages of buying a property in Istanbul

Obtaining a real estate residence in Turkey.Possibility to apply for Turkish citizenship when the required conditions are met.A Turkish passport can be obtained and entry to various countries of the world.Opening new horizons for investments in all its forms.Istanbul is the ideal environment for living due to the presence of all educational, social and health […]

Countdown to the opening of the longest bridge in the world

Çanakkale 1915 Bridge, also pronounced Çanakkale Bridge or Çanakkale Bridge (Turkish: Çanakkale 1915 Köprüsü) is a vehicular suspension bridge that crosses the Sea of ​​Marmara between the towns of Lipski and Glebolu in Çanakkale Province, northwest Turkey. It is supposed to be the longest suspension bridge in the world after its completion in 2023, and […]

The best areas of Istanbul to buy a property

The areas in Istanbul vary according to the type of property you intend to buy. Among the best areas in which to buy an apartment in Istanbul are the areas of Başakşehir, Beylikdüzü, Sisli and Kathane on the European side, and Üsküdar, Kadikoy Sancaktepe and Beykoz areas on the Asian side of the city of […]

Real estate taxes in Turkey and some European countries

Taxes are not a secondary matter. Rather, they are considered and constitute an essential part of the real estate price and may play an important role in continuing the real estate ownership process or refraining from the matter.Therefore, when you want to own real estate, it is necessary to know the issue of taxes, whether […]

Ownership of Syrians with Turkish citizenship or multi-nationals

After the recent questions and lengthy discussions about the problems related to owning real estate in Turkey by Syrians with Turkish citizenship or with multiple nationalities, the Turkish government has issued decisions in line with the public interests of the Republic of Turkey, here are the most important ones: Decisions issued by the Turkish Tapu […]

Comprehensive information about luxury real estate tax in Turkey

Information related to the real estate tax for real estate in Turkey, according to Turkish laws and the amendments theretoLearn about the luxury real estate tax in TurkeyLuxury real estate tax in Turkey Değerli konut vergisi is a tax imposed by Turkish tax laws, on every property that is used for residential purposes, provided that […]

International driving license

An International Driving Permit is an international travel document sanctioned by the United Nations that allows you to drive in any foreign countryBenefits of holding an International Driving Permit:An International Driving Permit gives you peace of mind when deciding to explore the world even if you don’t plan to drive in those countries!An International Driving […]

Car insurance in Turkey

In Turkish law, there are two types of car insurance:1- Compulsory traffic insurance2- Private insuranceCar insurance contract: It is a written contract between two partiesThe first is called the insured (usually the insurance company) and the second is called the insured (the vehicle owner).Under this contract, the insurer is obligated to redress the damage and […]


Bursa is one of the most important cities in Turkey. Its history dates back to four thousand years BC, as it was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire and was the capital of many religions and civilizations, and from here it was home to many distinctive historical and archaeological monuments.Bursa enjoys stunning natural beauty […]

The best hotels in Taksim and Istiklal Street in Istanbul

1- Point Hotel TaksimPoint Hotel Taksim is one of the best hotels in Istanbul, with an excellent location, it is close to Taksim Square and offers distinctive views of the Bosphorus. Family rooms, VIP room facilities, bridal suite, and facilities for people with special needs. Each of the rooms and suites includes a dining area, […]

Ranking of the top 10 Turkish universities in the world, as follows:

1- (Anadolu Üniversitesi)It is one of the most important Turkish public universities, located in Eskişehir. It was founded in 1958. It includes various disciplines. In a short period of time, it was able to be a leader at the local and international levels according to the Spanish classification, as well as occupying advanced positions in […]

Top 10 Hospitals in Istanbul

Medicine in Turkey is distinguished by its progress and scientific ability.The presence of many hospitals and medical centers equipped with the best and latest systemsBelow we present to you a list of the top 10 hospitals in Istanbul 1- Emsey Hospital – PendikIstanbul, TurkeyFounded in 2012Number of beds: 254specialized in more than one major,About Emsey […]

Turkish scholarship for university registration 2022 – conditions, papers and how to register

Find out all the information related to Turkish scholarships 2022, the date of registration, its conditions, its mechanism, the advantages that the student obtains, and more.The Turkish Scholarships, or as it is known in the Turkish language, Türkiye Bursları, is a scholarship issued by a higher education institution in Turkey, funded by the Turkish government, […]

Real estate ownership law in Turkey

The Turkish Parliament issued a law granting the right to own real estate on all the territory of the Republic of Turkey to all citizens of the countries of the world, nullifying the principle of reciprocity with the exception of passport holders of countries: Armenia – Cuba – North Korea – Syria.Law No. 35 of […]

Reasons why Istanbul real estate outperforms real estate in other Turkish cities

Introduction:A decade ago, in conjunction with the Turkish Parliament lifting the restrictions imposed on foreign ownership of Turkish real estate in the middle of 2012, Istanbul real estate began to lead the scene among the most Turkish cities selling real estate, whether for Turkish citizens or foreigners.Although the states of Antalya, Izmir and Ankara occupy […]

HGS motorway tolls in Turkey

The HGS system gives the vehicles quick passage from bridges and roads in an easy way that shortens the time, and any vehicle in Turkey can download the HGS system.And HGS is a fast payment system that works by means of wireless radio frequencies. The function of this system is to deduct a certain amount […]

Explain the map of Istanbul

The most important characteristic of Istanbul is several points: A. It is located between the two continents of the European continent and the Asian continent. B. Among its most important landmarks is the Bosphorus Strait, which separates the Asian side from the European, on which there are three important bridges, namely Mehmet Al-Fateh Bridge, Yavuz […]

New decisions for foreigners to buy real estate in Turkey

The obligation to sell foreign currency for the purchase of real estate in Turkey has been established by foreign nationals to the Central Bank of Turkey.This obligation was made pursuant to Article 13 of the circular relating to the movement of capital, the executive regulations relating to the application of the Turkish Nationality Law, and […]

Mistakes to avoid in real estate investing

Do not check the property well:You must search and scrutinize adequately before purchasing a property, going to the property in person and checking it on the ground, and not trusting any other party because real estate investment in Turkey is a serious investment and is paid too much. Short-term thinking:The Turkish real estate sector is […]

The relationship of the Istanbul Financial Center for International Finance with investment in Turkey:

Once the center’s work begins in the middle of 2022, according to the statements of Turkish officials, it will work to attract foreign capital to the country, especially European and Gulf ones. It will be the capital of global Islamic finance, and it will link the east of the world with its west and south […]

How do I achieve the feasibility of real estate investment in Turkey

⦁ Gather complete data about the property to be invested. ⦁ Investing in areas that are expected to witness intense investment activity in the future, such as the European regions of Istanbul. ⦁ Adopting the advice of specialists and experts in the field of real estate. ⦁ Not to risk investing in a property that […]

Real estate investment in Turkey

Real estate investment in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular is one of the world’s most distinguished economic activities that have attracted many pioneering energies in recent years. The British real estate magazine “in the sun” ranked Turkey among the top 10 countries to buy real estate for 2017, while data from the […]

Istanbul New Airport: Facilities, Features and Real Estate Market

The slogan of Istanbul’s new airport is “the future of travel”, which is what good aviation. After much delay, the new airport opened its doors to the public on the 6th of April 2019, and even looks good in terms of services, Wi-Fi connectivity, facilities, and impressive architecture. However, not everything shown so far appears […]

Variation in house prices in Istanbul:

1- Location Where the proximity of the site or its distance from the city centers directly affects the determination of the value of the property, the properties located in the heart of the city have a higher price than those located in the suburbs. As well as the proximity of the property to historical areas […]

(Tabu) “title deed”:

It is the document that regulates a specific property, and proves the ownership of the property of the person mentioned in the document, and mentions information about the property, real estate survey numbers, and specifies the location of the property. The title deed (Tabu) is only given to the owner of the property (the legal […]

Real estate taxes in Turkey

It is almost one of the most important topics that must be known by real estate investors, who wish to own real estate in Turkey, before making a purchase decision. What distinguishes the tax system in Turkey, is the equality of foreigners with Turkish citizens in the amount of tax they pay. This is to […]

Turkish citizenship by employing 50 Turkish people

Turkish citizenship by employing 50 Turkish peopleWith the aim of reducing unemployment, this will be confirmed by the Ministry of Family and Labor. Paperwork A copy of the investor’s residence. Proof of employment of employees and the payment of their due insurances in the rules. Investment conformity certificate from the competent directorate. Marriage certificate translated […]

Turkish citizenship by origin

By proving Turkish assets by legal means: Children born to a Turkish father or a Turkish mother through marriage, whether in Turkey or abroad, are Turkish citizens. Children born to a Turkish father and a foreign mother, in the event that the foundations documenting the kinship relationship are proven, are Turkish citizens. Children born to […]

Turkish citizenship through work residency

Under the following conditions: The person concerned must be residing with the aim of working in Turkey legally and without interruption for a period of five years until the date of submitting the application. To obtain a source of income through which he can cover his expenses and those who depend on them. Not to […]

Real Estate Appraisal

Real estate appraisal in Turkey is one of the most important factors of reassurance for the investor in real estate in Turkey, as real estate appraisal has become mandatory when foreigners purchase real estate in Turkey. What is a real estate appraisal report? It is a report that shows the market value of the real […]

Turkish citizenship via bank deposit

By depositing an amount of 500 thousand US dollars with a pledge not to withdraw the amount before 3 years from the date of deposit. Paperwork Proof of depositing the amount of 500 thousand US dollars in a Turkish bank. Marriage document translated into Turkish and duly certified. Birth certificate for all applicants for citizenship […]

The most famous Istanbul towers

Istanbul can be ranked at the forefront of the global cities in terms of ready-to-live towers, as the number of skyscrapers in Istanbul alone is about 119 towers, and most of these towers allow visitors a full panoramic view of the city (360 degrees) either through its open balconies or through the cafes and restaurants […]

Residential compounds OR Ordinary apartments ???

Our customers are often asked about the difference between buying apartments within regular residential buildings and apartments in residential complexes in Istanbul? Therefore, we are keen to provide the answer to all inquiries that we receive. We would love to share with our customers this information that helps them make the right decision that suits […]